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We are specialized in the development of specific solutions that are individually customised to your needs

All the mixing world

Lödige is a global leading supplier of mixers, coating systems, granulators, dryers and reactors. As the inventor of the Ploughshare Mixers, Lödige has decades of experience in the process technology. Machines and process systems are at home in the pharmaceutical and food industry just as well as in the building materials industry, environment, minerals and ores but also chemicals and plastics.

Process Engineering and Technology for the Highest Standards

Drying, reacting and emulsification - the whole spectrum

Lödige is specialised in the industrial mixing, drying, reacting, coating and granulating. Lödige deals with bulk products, granulates, powders, pastes, dust and sludge. The specific requirements of the different branches of industry are very well known, the coating of tablets with film or sugar coat for the pharmaceutical industry just as the mixing of building materials or the drying of recycling materials.




Whether pharma and food or heavy duty – always a solution

Batch or continuous mixers, ringlayer mixers for high throughputs, mixing reactors for operation under high pressures, laboratory mixers, mixing granulators, vacuum dryers or fluid bed systems… Lödige has the solution. Technical know-how and support are a matter of course for Lödige. All process steps like mixing, drying, reacting, coating and granulating can be performed in the test centre.


Machines for all Applications

30,000 Systems for Exceptional Customers


We work for the brand names in all industries. As we have for seven decades. This means: our know-how is backed by the experience of more than 30,000 systems supplied worldwide. Make use of it.





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Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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