Lödige as a partner for the
environmental industry

Lödige mixing and reaction systems can be used for mixing, generating/supporting reactions, granulation, neutralisation, compacting and liquefying/creating substances capable of being pumped.

Our dryers can be heated directly or indirectly through various methods and can continue operation throughout the viscoplastic product phase. Lödige vacuum dryers can lower boiling points for stripping problematic solvents.

Lödige reactors permit sterilisation processes - even combined with several other process steps.

Shaft seals and safety devices are available for all systems so that processes remain safe and reliable even under inert conditions.

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Process engineering solutions

Positive environmental technology using Lödige mixing, reaction and high-temperature devices means converting waste substances of industrial and consumption processes into usable substances. Lödige solutions are perfect for this purpose - over 1,000 units delivered in the past years have proven that.

Lödige mixing, reaction and high-temperature systems are extremely flexible so that locally differing demands can be met with ease. Some examples of installed applications:

  • conditioning and stabilisation of slurry
  • treatment of compost made of various organic waste substances
  • treatment of substitute fuels
  • immobilisation of waste materials
  • treatment of combustion residues
  • lowering of boiling points of problematic fluids
  • refinery and drill sludge conditioning
  • recycling of residues from the metallurgy industry
  • formulation of compounds for catalysts
  • increasing absorption capacity of auxiliary substances for flue gas desulfurisation
  • preparation of substances for underground reutilisation
  • use of waste products for battery mass production

Turnkey solutions from Lödige for the environmental industry – make use of expertise for tailor-made complete solutions

We manage your entire project efficiently and with minimal interfaces, right up to the complete assumption of technical and commercial project responsibility. So put your trust in our expertise and plan your next turnkey project with Lödige!

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Machines for the environmental industry

Lödige offers machines adapted specifically to different process applications. Check the following list for an overview of the individual machines:

Applications for the environmental industry

Our system solutions are popular in the field of environmental technology. Our mixing and granulation processes are particularly used in the following facilities with great success:


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System solutions for the environmental technology
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Stabilizing power station byproducts

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