Lödige as partner for the
pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical production worldwide is subject to the absolute highest standards regarding safety, purity and reproducibility. Our products and services are subject to these same internationally valid quality standards. In the context of these criteria, our specific processing know-how for mixing, drying, granulation and coating systems forms the basis of our innovative system solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

The customer-oriented design of our machines and machine lines comes just as natural to us as strict adherence to all current GMP directives, FDA regulations as well as production of WIP/CIP systems. Over decades of close cooperation with the representatives of major manufacturers of pharmaceutical products our skills have been in high demand and we have proven ourselves with over 1,000 systems adapted to our customers’ specific requirements.

A test centre for pharmaceuticals, which meets the requirements of GMP-compliant series of trials and small production batches, is available at our location in Paderborn/Germany for process development and achieving a reliable scale-up to machines at a production scale. The pharmaceutical test centre is equipped with devices for mixing, wet granulation, sieving, drying and coating.

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Process engineering solutions

Through its wide range of different process engineering systems and machines, Lödige provides a product-specific process design which can ensure the defined quality properties of frequently highly sensitive products. All systems listed below are available both in production sizes and in sizes suitable for Laboratory work.

Pharmaceutical machines by Lödige

Lödige provides various mixing, granulation, drying, fluid bed and coating systems for the different process engineering based production steps required for pharmaceutical products. Check the following list for an overview of the individual machines.

Applications for the pharmaceutical industry

In the past decades, Lödige has become an established partner for process engineering machines and machine lines in the pharmaceutical market at home and abroad. Global leaders from the segment of pharmaceutical companies conducting research rely on our technology just as much as producers of generic medicines, contract manufacturers and small specialised companies manufacturing niche products. The range of machines supplied by our company goes far beyond our high-quality mixing systems. Lödige mixing granulators form an important part of granulation lines of notable German and international pharmaceutical companies. As an ideal addition to our mixing granulators, our fluid bed processors, one of our most recent products, has also been employed with great success by a growing number of users.

As one of only few suppliers of the pharmaceutical industry, we can boast numerous references for continuous systems used for the production of mixes and granulated products to manufacture solid dosage forms. Continuous systems for direct compression and wet granulation are used in this context.  

Our optimised coating system sets new standards for coating speed, efficiency and filling level variability.

As an option, all of our pharmaceutical machines can be equipped with WIP/CIP systems.


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