Lödige as partner for the
metallurgy, ore and minerals industry

The high-performance Lödige Ploughshare® Mixer has proven to be highly suitable for producing metal powder mixes with additives for creating pressed and sintered formed components. This also includes mixes made of carbide metal powders for carbide metal cutting tools. After all, metal powders, ores and minerals demand particular features from machine engineering and wear protection.


Special measures on the shovel tools and in the mixing chamber ensure economical long service life spans. The Lödige mixer in the “ERZ” design can achieve throughputs of over 1,500 t/h - and it has been proven to keep the high homogeneity of the mix at the same time.

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Process engineering solutions

Treating powder-based, granular and abrasive substances and compounds made of minerals and ores requires mixers of a particularly sturdy and low-wear design. Lödige Ploughshare® Mixers were adapted especially to this application. In these heavy-duty industries, the following criteria are crucial:

  • high efficiency with regard to throughput and product quality
  • high availability of the equipment
  • reduced maintenance effort
  • simple inspection
  • high wear protection

Lödige batch and continuous mixers are being used to treat different minerals and ores. Primarily, these are used for the following substances:

  • metal ores and concentrates
  • sinter mixes for the steel industry
  • coal mixes for coking plants
  • ceramic raw materials and compounds
  • catalyst compounds
  • glass mixes for the glass industry
  • raw materials for fire-proof products
  • salts/potash salt for industrial applications
  • welding additives
  • abrasives

Lödige machines are, for instance, used to process sintered metals, metal powders, metal salts and anode pastes.


The powder metallurgy process mixes metal powders prior to the actual pressing and sintering process and adds substances to aid pressing. In particular for carbide metal tool production, powdered tungsten is mixed with a carbon carrier substance. The final product is expected to maintain an even homogeneity despite short mixing times. Inhomogeneous metal powder mixes significantly impair the quality of the finished sintered materials or carbide metal tools. Lödige batch mixers are used with great success to achieve this required final product quality.

Metal powders and metal salts generally require treatment to distribute additives in a homogeneous fashion, activate surfaces or achieve oxidation or passivation. The Lödige mixing system is particularly suitable for these processes and can group several process steps.

Carbon anodes are required for electrolytic smelting during production of aluminium. Production of these anodes requires a reliable cooling process downstream of the heavy-duty mixer, so that the compactors can be fed with anode paste at a consistent temperature. The continuous Lödige mixer reduces the temperature of the paste reliably with an accuracy of +/– 2 °K. The substance is cooled using water (evaporation cooling) which is added directly into the mixer. Intensive mixing ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution within the paste.

Lödige machines for ores and minerals

Lödige offers a variety of Ploughshare® Mixers for the different process engineering steps during the production of minerals/ore products. Check the following list for an overview of the individual machines.

Ploughshare® Mixer (Laboratory machine)

Ploughshare® Mixer (Laboratory machine)

Guaranteed Lödige quality Attractive value for money Functional design Ideal for your product and process development Extensive range of accessories

Ploughshare® Mixers for batch operation

Ploughshare® Mixers for batch operation "Universal Design"

We develop customised solutions, adapted perfectly to your application and product, for any of your tasks. Extremely high mixing quality Short mixing times Reproducibility of batches Gentle product treatment High availability Low-maintenance mixer concept Easy accessibility of all internal mixer components Multi-stage processes in one machine

Ploughshare® mixers for continuous operation

Ploughshare® mixers for continuous operation "Universal Design"

We develop customised solutions, adapted perfectly to your application and product, for any of your tasks. Excellent homogeneity of the final product Retention/mixing times and granulation processes can be adapted to the specific product Gentle product treatment Consistent reproducibility High availability Easy accessibility of all internal mixer components Low-maintenance mixer concept

Ringlayer mixer CoriMix® for continuous operation

Ringlayer mixer CoriMix® for continuous operation

Compact machine unit with high throughput Extremely high mixing homogeneity Versatile application options Easy operation and cleaning High operating reliability and service life

Applications for the metallurgy, ore and minerals industry


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