The Lödige fluid bed processor in standardized sizes for batches from 0.1 to 1,800 kg is adaptable to precisely your requirements and requests due to its numerous available options.

The technology offered in the fluid bed processor achieves even, reproducible product qualities while still treating the product gently - and it does all of this while keeping process times low. Conversion of powdered substances to free-flowing products is just as easy as drying of moist products (e.g. wet granulated products). The system can also be used for coating of powders, granulated products and moulded blanks.

During the process, hot air in defined volumes and with a defined speed is continuously sucked into the processor through the product container base (Conidur® base). The product prepared in the container begins to fluidise and is dried or moistened by a three-fluid nozzle for granulation. Moreover, there is an option to coat pellets using tangentially arranged nozzles in the area of the Conidur® base (under-bed process) or by using a Wurster insert. The integrated filters - whose function principle and design is adapted to the process and product - hold back the powder particles which are then returned to the process through permanent cleaning.


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