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Our Customer Service – Your Success!

Your success is our goal. That is why we supply your machine in time. That is why our experts perform the assembly quickly and trouble-free. On site. And ensure a smooth start-up. All over the world.

If everything runs one hundred per cent, our Service Technician will wish you success and say "Auf Wiedersehen – See you again!". And we mean it word for word.

Because we always remain with you thanks to the continuous support provided by our Service Contracts. Whether via remote control as for PLC controlled machines. Or personally, if you wish to modify or modernize your Lödige machine or to have a software update done.

And you will hardly notice us. Because your Lödige technician works efficiently, rapidly and in close cooperation with your production. Hardly there, already gone, and the machine is running.

In addition, we are of course able to perform the qualification of your pharmaceutical and food technology systems: from Design Qualification (DQ) during the planning phase, to Installation Qualification (IQ) for start-up, and finally to the performance at regular intervals of the Function Qualification (Operational Qualification – OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).

And last but not least: knowledge helps. Take advantage of the offered Lödige training. To optimize the operation of your Lödige machine. To perform maintenance by yourself. To save time and money.


More information about our Customer Service:

  • Rapid reaction maintenance and repair service for the high availability of your system
  • Wear and spare parts
  • Remote maintenance
  • Service / maintenance contracts for new and used machines
  • Process modification and optimization
  • Advice to comprehensive conversion according to recent safety standards as per EC directive 2006/42/EC on machinery and EC directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX guidelines)
  • Calibration services 
  • Instruction and training for operators and maintenance staff 
  • Support with reference to process technologies
  • Second-hand machine service 

Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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