Our Range of Machinery

The following mixers are in use in our test centre:

  • Batchwise and continuous working Ploughshare® Mixer under regular pressure
  • Continuously working, high-speed Ringlayer Mixer
  • Mixer for Emulsifying
  • Shovel Dryer for atmospherical operation und for operation under vacuum
  • Machines for over-pressure
  • Machines for high temperature operation
  • Vertical mixing granulator
  • Fluid Bed Processors
  • Coater

Further Equipment

For your tests cooling and heating can be effected on the following Lödige machines:

  • Thermal oil up to 320 °C
  • Saturated steam up to 10 bar (180 °C)
  • Hot water up to 110 °C
  • Cooling water 10 °C up to 15 °C
  • Cooling brine up to - 15 °C

For atmospheric drying hot air can be additionally be added directly inside the mixer.
In addition peripheral devices are available:

Vacuum pumps

  • Liquid ring systems up to 20 mbar abs.
  • Roots blower up to 1 mbar abs.

Dosing pumps

  • Eccentric screw pumps
  • Toothed wheel pump
  • Hose pumps


  • Airless nozzles, subject to pressure
  • Air born nozzles with air atomization

Dry material metering

  • several dosing system

Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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