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Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH, inventor of the Ploughshare® Mixer, is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machines and subsystems for industrial mixing and related process technologies for bulk solids, granulates, powders, dust, paste and sludge.

Process Engineering and Technology for the Highest Standards

The Whole Spectrum

Mixing, granulation, emulsification, coating, drying and reacting – all the applications in the field of industrial mixing and related process engineering technologies are our business. Thereby,we are predominantly concerned with the handling of bulk materials, granulates, powders, pastes, emulsions, dusts and sludges. Also for you.



Multiple Questions – One Contact Partner

"One man – one word". This describes our communication philosophy best. This means: in a flat hierarchy, knowledge of the industry, process know-how and engineering are linked in our team. This also means: you always speak with the right contact person. In every phase of the project: during the analysis, while finding the solution, during technical implementation and when you need support. Always.



Machines for all Applications

30,000 Systems for Exceptional Customers


We work for the brand names in all industries. As we have for seven decades. This means: our know-how is backed by the experience of more than 30,000 systems supplied worldwide. Make use of it.





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Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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