Test Centre

You, our customers, are developing products which are not only based on new formulations, but require new processes. Prior to investment you need, of course, to be sure that your new product can be economically produced in appropriate scale and with the expected quality.

For this purpose it will be necessary to produce samples made of original raw materials. These should be produced on the same plant systems and based on the same process. Our test centre offers an optimum possibility to support you in this respect. Our machine sizes are available ranging from small capacities up to pilot scale.
The following process steps may be executed:

  • Coating
  • Drying
  • Reacting
  • Mixing
  • Granulation
  • Emulsifying

Execution of tests

For reliable planning of the whole process and design of the plant, all tests are carried out on the basis of scaleup-compliant machines in the test centre.
Based on the data evaluated during the tests as well as on the basis of our long-years‘ experience we will be in a position to calculate and build the production plants. Hereby the recording of test data is helpful, subsequently allowing a thorough analysis of the process.
General statements can be made both with regard to achievable product qualities and production performance data.

Making of sample batches

We shall be pleased to carry out the sampling of new products on your behalf. Please contact us if you require several batches, e. g. for your sales preparations.

Optimization of existing processes

Besides the process development for new products we shall be pleased to help you concerning the optimization of current production processes. 
We shall be pleased to consult you, either in our works or at yours.

Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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