Lödige Ploughshare® mixers for continuous operation "Hygienic Design"

We develop customised solutions, adapted perfectly to your application and product, for any of your tasks.

  • Excellent homogeneity of the final product
  • Retention/mixing times and granulation processes can be adapted to the specific product
  • Gentle product treatment
  • Consistent reproducibility
  • High availability
  • Easy accessibility of all internal mixer components
  • Low-maintenance mixer concept

Lödige Ploughshare Mixer for continuous operation

Machine type

The continuous ploughshare mixer uses the mixing and fluid process introduced to mixing technology by Lödige. High-quality mixes are achieved through equipment with tools which are adapted perfectly to the respective task.

For the sizes, please refer to the machine flyer.

The ploughshare shovels in special arrangement on a mixing shaft in a horizontal, cylindrical drum rotate closely to the wall. Their peripheral speed and geometric form are coordinated in such a way that the mix is moved out of the product bed against the centrifugal force and in axial direction at the same time. In addition, the shape of the shovels lifts the product particles from the drum wall. The mixing elements having a defined shape and a special arrangement on the shaft, they ensure not only a reliable product conveyance but also a sufficient back-mixing of the product. The so-called “mechanical” fluid bed generated in this way, whereby all the product is constantly involved in the process, ensures a maximum mixing intensity at even the highest throughputs and shortest residence times until the product is discharged out of the mixer via an outlet. The product inside the machine is moved from the inlet to the outlet in a pilgrim step manner: two steps forward, one step back.

The continuous process can be run at filling levels between 20 % and 50 % without influencing the mixing quality.

Choppers can be additionally installed in the mixing drum to increase the turbulence in the mixing process. This also ensures the mixing of fine particles in small quantity and enables the dispersion of product agglomerations and primary particles.

Liquid components can be added into the product in motion by the means of diverse feeding systems. Pipes for large liquid quantity or nozzles for smaller quantity in general are used. Due to exact positioning, moistening of the mixer wall and shaft is largely prevented.

A product is automatically granulated when liquids are added to products which turn sticky in contact with a liquid or if they contain binding agents. This granulation effect can be more or less pronounced.  Usually the bulk density of the product is increased as soon as it is subsequently dried. The particle size can be adjusted in a wide range depending on the product properties. The particle size can be increased too by addition of liquid or powder in a repeated manner. The use of choppers in such granulation processes can be of advantage. The liquid added is initially distributed in an effective manner, then the particle size is built up more homogeneously and finally the structure of each particle is more compact.

The intensive product movement enables the addition of liquid components to ensure coating of the particles. Molten fat for example can be preferably spread in a liquid form onto the particle surface in order to then recrystallize while cooling down. Cooling is performed in an effective manner by using liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow which is added directly into the product. Further coating processes, like reaction coating, are deemed possible too.

The melting of the coating agent in a powdery product is also feasible in a mixer by heating up the powdery product to the melting point of the coating agent and then cooling down.

  • Use of various materials based on their application (from structural steels to stainless steels to special materials)
  • Chopper devices
  • Jacket for heating/cooling of drum, endplates and shaft
  • Addition of liquids to solids (moistening + granulation)
  • The machines are suitable for nearly all explosion protection zones
  • Cleaning systems (WIP) 
  • Throughput adjustment (manual and automatic) using installed dams
  • Modern, user-friendly control system
  • Machine line components for feeding the mixer

Features "Hygienic Design"

  • High surface quality, Ra < 0.8 µm 
  • All materials in contact with the product have FDA approval
  • Easy to clean (no “dead zones” in the product area) 
  • Practically complete draining possible
  • Electrical control system according to GAMP5 requirements

Areas of application

Lödige ploughshare mixers are used for different mixing tasks in practically all industries. We have delivered over 35,000 machines in 80 years. This is a small excerpt of our applications in the

  • Oven-ready flours and baking aids
  • Dry soups and bouillon powders
  • Flavourings, spices and table salts
  • Granola and vitamin products
  • Fruit teas and classic mixes
  • Cocoa and fruit drinks
  • Candy, filling and chocolate pastes
  • Soft cheeses and cheese spread
  • Decorative sugar and crispy coating
  • eye shadow and facial powder
  • hair dye and bath essences
  • mascara and lipsticks
  • Tablet compounds
  • Raw materials for implants
  • Pre-mixes for tablet compounds and active components with high mixing qualities


Ploughshare mixer for continous operation, "Hygienic Design“

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