Mixing-technology solutions from Lödige for iodising salt


Mixing iodised and fluorised table salts as well as nitrite salting mixes and other salty and spicy basic ingredients for the food industry places complex demands on the process technology used. With designs tailored specifically to each application, Ploughshare® Mixers from Lödige Process Technology’s KM and FKM series can handle these demands without any problems. Across the board, suitable mixing processes can be carried out either continuously (with the KM) or in batch mode (with the FKM). A continuous process is particularly beneficial for high throughput rates of around 20 to 50 t/h or more, as is required when making iodised salt, for instance. Here, iodine – or fluorine – is added in as a liquid solution and mixed with the raw salt. When operating with smaller throughput rates or adding in powdered additives, however, individual batches are the better mixing option. Both methods guarantee the high mixing quality that is generally required in the food industry. For instance, an excessively high dose of sodium nitrite – an ingredient in curing salt – can pose a health risk, especially in this application field. The consistently precise composition and very good level of homogeneity of the mixed material enable the necessary quality standards to be met at all times. Amongst other things, table salt (NaCl) will abrade all surfaces that come into contact with the product due to its crystalline structure, an effect that is exacerbated over the long term. Attention must also be paid to potential corrosion, which may occur in humid conditions or during cleaning. Across the board, therefore, Lödige mixers designed for applications like these are made from ultra-high-quality, chlorideresistant stainless steels (AISI 316Ti or 316L), which also meet the latest hygiene requirements in the food industry. The mixing tools, which are exposed to particularly high mechanical loads, are generally fitted with wear protection.

With designs tailored specifically to each application, Ploughshare® Mixers KM (shown here) and FKM series are ideal for mixing iodised and fluorised table salts as well as other salty and spicy basic ingredients.

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