Emulsifying is defined by a dispersion of liquid in another liquid, i.e. creation of material system consisting of at least two liquids not dissolvable into one another. One liquid consisting of finest droplets (disperse phase) is dispersed in the other liquid (continuous phase). The necessary dispersion of the disperse phase is created by sufficient high speed with the rotor/stator system. Due to big local differences in speed while passing the rotor/stator system high shearing rates generate along the phase interfaces of the liquids. These disperse drops having a high specific surface. This system is stabilised by emulsifiers and stabilisers.

Lödige Emulsifying system

In a horizontal mixer with modified Ploughshare® shovels the components of the emulsion are mixed as premix. The product contacts all inner parts of the tempered double jacket because of the mixing elements modified by special scrapers so an efficient heat transfer is secured.

Creation of the final emulsion state takes place by using a rotor/stator system flanged on the lower part of the mixer. The liquid components are reintroduced into the mixer via a rotor/stator system in circuit operation until the required drop distribution of the emulsion is achieved.

Emulsifying with Lödige Emulsifying system


Emulsifying of pharmaceuticals (salves, pastes, formulations, infusions)
Emulsifying of cosmetics (toothpaste, gel, creams, lotions)
Emulsifying of foodstuffs (mayonnaise, sauces, fats)
Emulsifying of fine chemicals, colours (shoe polish, varnish, polymers)

Emulsifying with Lödige

Our new Dispersing Mixer works in accordance with the practice-proven mixing principle of the Lödige horizontal Ploughshare®-Mixer. Fitted with an homogenisator, it is suitable for processing semisolids and paste-like products like cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams, toothpaste, etc. The homogenisator, flanged in the discharge, is a high-speed rotor-stator system (up to 6000 rpm). The horizontal mixing shaft is fitted with scrapers operating at the mixer wall.

The Dispersing Mixer is usually equipped with a heating/cooling jacket and suitable for vacuum operation for deaeration of the product.

Due to the pumping capacity of the homogenisator, the product is reintroduced into the drum via a recirculation line, ensuring that all material passes through the rotor-stator system. The discharge is also carried out via the rotor-stator system.

The horizontal drum offers considerable advantages compared to vertical machines.

  • The mixing efficiency is superior and the process times are extremely reduced. The introduction and mixing of very light products is possible as the complete jacket surface of the mixing tool is used.
  • The heat transfer via the heating jacket is more efficient as the horizontal system has 50 % more heating surface than the vertical system of same size.
  • The contact surface - product/atmosphere - available for deaeration of the product in a horizontal system is 20 % higher than in a vertical system.
  • The minimal construction height of the horizontal system requires less of the expensive vertical space and adaption with existing process facilities is usually easier.

Machines used for Emulsifying

Lödige Dispersing Mixer LDM

Always the right mix

Always the right mix

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